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Technical questions on the MARTIN-HORN®

  • Dependent on frequency of usage:
  • Vehicles with frequent usage: check oil level approx. once a week
  • Vehicles with little usage: check oil level approx. once a month
  • Synthetic EP/air and gas compressor oils, PAO based, for turbo, screw-type, sliding vane and piston compressors, synthetic (PAO) high performance hydraulic fluids

A MARTIN-HORN® 2298GM consists of four diaphragm acoustic horns:
a’long, a’short, d“long, d“short:

The difference is created by the length of the horns.
This creates a tremolo effect. On the back of the diaphragm acoustic horn (on the diaphragm housing), you can find the rating plate with the relevant name.

IMPORTANT: At an angle of around 8° to 10° so that no water or other elements can get to the motor via the tubing. To achieve this, we recommend that you use our assembly set, Article no. 2528-04.

The sound is produced between the diaphragm acoustic horn and the diaphragm housing.
The customer should not try to disassemble the diaphragm acoustic horn here as the diaphragm acoustic horns will need to be tuned again.

If you do elect to disassemble the diaphragm acoustic horns, we ask that you refer to our installation instructions: Instructions for installing membranes yourself

In general, we do request that you send the disassembled diaphragm acoustic horns back to us (including diaphragm housing). The only way to ensure a pure sound and a penetrating tremolo is to send the horns to us for retuning in our acoustics laboratory. (Warranty)

Snow caps protect the diaphragm acoustic horns from external elements such as: Snow and rain, mud and dirt. We also recommend that snow caps be used when the diaphragm acoustic horns are installed in the engine area, cooling area and front bumper.

Installing the snow caps also decreases the sound volume by around 5 dB(A).

In the normal accessories sets, the straight connectors are included for the blower or diaphragm acoustic horn.

These can be replaced by elbow connections as an option.

2 x 2568-04 with retaining screw for the blower and/or
4 x 2568-14 with union nut for the diaphragm acoustic horn.

The DIN states that the signal duration should be 3 seconds +/- 0.5 seconds.
Please check that the signal duration is within these limitations.
The speed of the MARTIN-HORN® is dependent on the supply voltage.
This means that the higher the supply voltage, the faster the MARTIN-HORN® runs and vice-versa: the lower the voltage, the slower it runs.

We recommend installing a resistor to reduce the speed.
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