Martin bulb horns/sets

for technical and musical use


Every technical bulb horn is made of brass, is nickel-plated and is 185 mm long (without the bulb).


Article No. 161-03    
tuned: g‘‘ without bridge

Article No. 162-03    
tuned: g‘‘ with wire holder

Article No. 163-03    
tuned: g‘‘ with bridge

These bulb horns are made of chrome-plated brass and have a fastening clip which can be used to attach them to a bar or pipe that is 25 mm in diameter. These sets are used to attain extremely musical effects, e.g. for artists, musical clowns and the like.

Available with 4, 8, 13 or 25 musically tuned bulb horns

Article No. 1460.04    
4-tone set, tuned : a‘ h‘ c‘‘ d‘‘
445, 405, 385 and 345 mm long

Article No. 1467.04    
25-tone set (chromatic)
tuned: c‘ to c‘‘‘, with all half-tones (two octaves)
Length 710 to 225 mm (without the bulb)

Certified quality