Quality management

Quality is a tradition for us

The roots of our owner-managed family business go back to the 19th century. The values that we are committed to are the same as they ever were: Max B. Martin stands for reliability, a long service life and quality that knows no bounds. Our company has retained its exclusive manufacturing ethos right up to the present day. We have always kept our production 100% in Germany. Thanks to the high production depth in our company, we know each of our products inside out and can thus consistently guarantee our customers the best quality and skilled assistance.


Our objective is clearly defined. Constant optimisation of our products in all technological and ecological areas. We strive to ensure that our products can continue to proudly bear the “Made in Germany” stamp. We stick to our traditions. We’re looking forward to working together to see what the next chapter brings for Max B. Martin GmbH & Co. KG.


We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified


Our quality policy

Our company’s objective is to produce and supply products that meet our customers’ requirements with the greatest level of economy.

In times like these, when the market is becoming more and more demanding and international competition is growing, the importance of quality in giving a competitive edge also rises. Due to this, management has committed to implementing a quality management system and providing the resources required for this.

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our guiding principles


Therefore, the quality and reliability of our products and processes are our supreme company goals. We seek out and adapt to the evaluations we receive from our customers and strive to achieve long-term business relationships that are full of trust.



The requirements of this international norm are stipulations for our organisation.
We evaluate ourselves and are also evaluated objectively by an external certifying body.



Every employee contributes to the implementation of our quality system in their work. Therefore, every employee is tasked with producing impeccable work and must comply with the established stipulations. If an employee notices a quality risk and cannot eliminate it within the scope of their authority, then they are obliged to report it to their superior immediately.
We prevent errors using established sequences, procedures and testing. Despite exercising the greatest level of care, errors can still occur occasionally, and we use them as an opportunity to improve our work.
“Zero errors” is always our guiding light here.



To achieve our set objectives, we establish appropriate goals. We check and evaluate that these are effective regularly. We continue to develop and secure our future via continuous improvement of all personnel-based, material and organizational processes.



Health and safety and environmental protection is an important component of successfully operating the business for the management team.
Therefore, we organise our company based on the legal provisions for health and safety and environmental protection. Every employee is obliged to prevent hazards from being posed to persons and the environment and is obliged to inform their superior if they believe that a hazard may be incurred.